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Led by founder Elena Papanicolaou, Fly Me To The Moon designs bespoke travel itineraries that effortlessly introduce travelers to Greece, harnessing the beauty, tradition, culture, and style of the country, while still embracing a truly local authenticity.

Hidden Destination: Spotlight on Kavala

Kavala is a city of a thousand nights. The former “Mecca of Tobacco” is one of Greece’s most vibrant destinations. Those who embark on a journey here will experience its rich history, full of tales.

Photo credit: eskeephoto

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Skiing in Greece: Must-Visit Greek Winter Ski Resorts

While many travelers gravitate towards the Greek islands in the summer to enjoy the sun and sea, only a few have yet discovered the country’s dramatic snowy mountains and its traditional surrounding villages.


Mount Olympus. Photo credit: Manos Daoukas

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Karavakia: Christmas Boats in Greece

Christmas boats in Greece, known in Greek as karavakia, are the most traditional symbols you’ll encounter during the holidays here.  Why a boat? It goes back to the country’s seafaring traditions.

Christmas boat in Greece

Photo credit: Panoramio

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