We focus on the evolution of refined travel experiences, and include every detail of trip planning, which translates into inspiring environments and a true, insider’s view for today’s modern traveler whether its an individual, corporate team, wedding party or groups.

Fly Me To The Moon recognized a gap of high-level travel planning to Greece.We’re passionate about Greece, and, most importantly, we listen to you.

During our expansive travels through Greece, we discovered the magic of the landscape, charm of traditional architecture, countless antiquities, scenic rivers, spectacular beaches and islands, delicious cuisines, and friendly local people. Our interest was to go beyond the obvious tourism expectations, and highlight the uniqueness of a location, and share places, activities and experiences through an intuitive insider perspective all while providing comfort and luxury.

Our team has travelled extensively for business and have years of experience hosting business travellers. We understand the frustrations, stress and time management issues particular to this type of travel and we are very aware of how hospitality can enhance business relationships and even bring positive business results.

Allow us to share and offer our experiences, ideas, style and professionalism for your leisure or business trip to Greece, because hospitality, quality, organization, imagination and safety is our goal for everyone of our guests.



Elena Papanicolaou


CEO, Fly Me To The Moon

 Born in Athens from multicultural expat Greek parents from Alexandria, Egypt, Elena Papanicolaou embraces the culture and tradition of her beloved home country, focusing on the evolution of refined travel experiences. She founded Fly Me To The Moon in early 2014. A passionate globetrotter with an eye for style, culture and refined authenticities, Elena aims to provide inspiring environments and a true, insider’s view for today’s modern traveler. After a very intensive corporate career in consumer electronics, retail, shipping, and financial consulting, Elena spent the past 15 years as managing director of a company focusing on chemical plastics sector. This position entitled her to extensive global travel, where she gleaned a plethora of information on the needs of busy, demanding executives, as she herself was an extremely demanding traveler, always searching for authenticity, quality and style throughout her business travels. It was time for Elena to make a change. Her vision now is to introduce business and leisure travelers to Greece; to harness the beauty, tradition, culture, and style while still embracing a truly local authenticity. She has traveled the country from north to south and everywhere in between, always ahead of the trend in accommodations, gastronomy, along with a keen eye for history and customs. Elena studied economics at the University College London (University of London) and received an MSc in Information Science from City University. She currently resides in Athens.