Discover Greece like never before. With so many destinations to consider and so many experiences to obtain, Greece is the leisure traveler’s oyster. Leisure travel in Greece begins with an idea, continues by identifying the traveler’s needs and then matching those needs with exceptional itineraries that perfectly fit the traveler’s profile.


Our leisure travel services are here to highlight the top travel choices available according to your interests and preferences. We make your holiday in Greece a personal matter, filled with bespoke and authentic experiences that will create the vacation of your dreams to cherish forever. Whether it’s discovering that off-the-beaten path island known only to locals, or visiting Mykonos like an insider, we arrange activities, experiences and stops for all the must-go places to visit in Greece. We know Greece inside out and thus our expertise places the entire country at your fingertips, making it accessible and attainable so that your next Greek holiday is utterly astonishing.

Get lost in Greece
If you are looking for a destination to get lost in and completely unwind, somewhere to watch the Greek sunset colours and forget about the outside world and where time runs slowly, avoid the crowds and go to where your every moment has relaxation at its core. Our hidden destinations promise exactly that, uncovering a handful of undiscovered spots that place you in the forefront of authentic experiences known only to few.

Re-energize in Greece
For the energetic leisure traveler, the adventure seeker that craves thrilling physical activities within Greece’s diverse and gorgeous landscapes, holidays are tailored to visiting destinations that lend themselves to discovering the great Greek outdoors. Sensational Spring hikes in Greece, incredible diving and snorkeling excursions for the Summer or horse riding through the forest during Autumn and skiing in Greece during the Winter months are only a few of the many exciting options available.

Socialize in Greece
Discover the best places to enjoy signature cocktails with a spectacular Athenian view, the most knowledgeable wine bars, the top tier venues that promise hours of dancing until the morning light. Our recommendations take you to the best bars, clubs and social happenings of Athens, other mainland destinations and the islands, where you will experience the most enjoyable side of Greek nightlife and its booming bar scene.

Discover the past in Greece
Greece carries so many years of history on its shoulders. The country that gave birth to Western civilization has countless of ancient, historical attractions; from temples, monuments and settlements to UNESCO World Heritage sites in Greece, the list goes on and on. There are numerous Greek historical sites to visit, beyond the popular landmarks that Greece is known for, that take the traveler on a journey through time.

The human factor in Greece
Greece’s charm lies not only in its immense natural beauty, its riveting landscapes, or its mesmerizing beaches. It is deeply rooted in its people, in its hospitality, in its tenacity that are kept alive through a plethora of customs and traditions from all over the country. Greek culture is an amalgam of each region having its own unique take on Greek customs, thus weaving together the colorful cultural tapestry that constitutes the enchanting spirit of Greece.

Arts & Festivals in Greece
Throughout the year in Greece, there are numerous art events and festivals going on. From more conventional art, photography, sculpting to more avantgarde visual arts, digital age influences and even street art, Greece is gradually becoming a hub of artistic development and expression. We show you the best galleries, museums and exhibitions, as well as provide our local insight for experiencing the Greek summer festivals of music, dance and theatre and more.

Pampered in Greece
From a secluded, wellness retreat holiday at a destination that boasts the natural, famous thermal springs of Greece, to a spa vacation that will boost your wellbeing and rekindle your balance, we tailor make your holiday to reveal the best version of you. Indulge in pampering treatments and luxurious, specialized therapies that will wrap your body, mind and spirit in a veil of absolute nourishment.

City breaks in Greece
Experience the top things to do on a staycation in Attica, with the ultimate city escape guide to Athens and other major cities of Greece, we provide all the inside tips to making your city break in Greece one that puts it on the same level as other international and cosmopolitan city destinations around the world. Discover the most exclusive side to Athens city, Thessaloniki and other Greek towns, filled with an exciting plethora of cultural and entertainment activities as well as top recommendations for the best shopping and where to find the most exclusive fashion and jewelry stores and designers.

Gastronomy explosion in Greece
Greek gastronomy is a paragon of the wholesome, hearty flavors of the Mediterranean. From street food to gourmet, fine dining, explore the fundamentals of Greece’s exceptional culinary attributes; the quality ingredients of the land come to your plate for you to savor the recipes that have been handed down from one generation to the next. Visit delectable wineries, microbreweries and handpicked restaurants that showcase the best of Greek flavor.

Corporate travel & Incentives

You’ve secured your company to finally visit Athens for their corporate meeting, but will you have time to explore it? We believe that business travel should be stress-free, secure and enjoyable, all while having a true insider experience of the destination you visit. With us, corporate travel is made easy, convenient and full of added experiences that will fully capitalize on your time in Greece. Our corporate travel services let you focus on your business goals and the success of your business event, relieving you from arranging all the details and worrying about unforeseen issues. Fully fledged itineraries are custom made to suit your preferences and desires and allow for some moments of enjoyment, exploring the destination. Apart from assisting you with the arrangements of your business or corporate event, we add elements to combine your business trip with personal enjoyment, fulfilment and pleasure. Because business can be business with pleasure!

Individual business planning in Greece
We are here to take care of all the arrangements of your business event. From finding the most suitable space with the required facilities and amenities, to sorting out food and beverage during your event break, transit for participants as well as accommodation, we let you take care of business while we deal with all the logistics.

Small meetings & conferences in Greece
Whether it’s a small meeting or large conference, we have the means and expertise to ensure your corporate event meets your every need. You can focus on being productive and achieving your aims, leaving all the fine tuning to our services that will also bring an element of creativity to the table, making it an overall jubilant experience for all who partake.

Incentives in Greece
We realize that many corporate events need a personal touch to incentivize participants. For this reason, we have a few ideas on how to take the edge off your business occasion, and make it a wonderful time away for everyone. After all, having a good time helps people to relax and bond in between business, and we never underestimate the prolific positive effects that fun has on individuals.

  • Motivational
    Why not consider a short yachting cruise around the Greek shores? Sailing through the sea against a sunset-colored sky is an indescribable feeling and makes for a rejuvenating experience that will clear your mind and allow you to be more concentrated on your next business session.
  •  Detoxing
    A detox break away to an unexplored location will provide moments of absolute relaxation with just the right touch of excitement. Incorporate some spa treatments that will soothe your senses and wake up fully revitalized to seize the day and tackle the business issues at hand.
  •  Brainstorming
    The best brainstorming sessions are not just the ones that happen within the confines of a dull meeting room. Give your team a spectacular view to feast their eyes on, and see how the brightest ideas begin to take shape.
  •  Bonding-team building
    Team building is a crucial part of bonding, which is ultimately the key to the success of your corporate event. Activities are a great way to achieve team building, as they add the element of thrill and fun that is priceless when it comes to combining it with a business occasion.
  •  Appreciation for top clients, suppliers, executives
    Are you wanting to thank a top client, supplier or executive in a special way? Think outside the box and forget about trite wine baskets. You chose Greece for your corporate event so that means you appreciate it’s unique characteristics. Why not make those part of your appreciation gesture? Be original and gift a trip of a lifetime!

What we do:

  • We make your business or corporate event an effortless matter.
  • We book the best and most suitable accommodation and venue, minimizing time in transit and allowing participants to fully utilize their time for the success of the business venture.
  • We arrange all transfers to and from the airport, as well as around Athens city for your meetings and even run errands on your behalf.
  • We recommend exceptional restaurants, private clubs, bars and lounges to eat and drink that are appropriate for purpose and are fitting to your type of business.
  • We make arrangements for lunch, dinner, drinks, nightlife and entertainment.
  • We offer expert advice on relaxing spa treatments, hammam sessions, exclusive shopping, as well as private guide tours around historic sites and landmarks and places of cultural interest.
  • We inform you on the current concerts, art galleries, museum exhibitions that are going during the duration of your stay.
  • We suggest activities for recreation, wellness, general enjoyment, and happenings of thematic interest.

For whom we do what we do:

All our services are directed to a top tier clientele that prefers spending time taking care of business rather than researching options, setting out itineraries and making all the arrangements.

We handle a wide range of requests by identifying the needs of:

  • Top executives
  • Top clients / suppliers
  • Sector leaders
  • Special projects
Special occasions and personal events take a magical turn with the expert advice for luxury event planning in Greece by Fly Me To The Moon travel specialists. When exquisite taste and thorough knowledge of a destination come together, you can expect an event to remember that is characterized by exceptional quality, sophisticated style, a vivid imagination and an undeniable uniqueness.

Event planning

See some of the options and our initial thoughts according to each as a general guide. Of course, by choosing us, you are getting a bespoke event planning in Greece, that is tailored to your specific interests, desires and preferences, making your event an entirely personal matter.

Weddings – from the fairytale ceremony and elegant reception to the high energy after party.

Anniversaries & Honeymoons – celebrating the joy of your special occasion all over again.

Photo shoots – pause your special moment in time and remember it for a lifetime.

Birthdays – an event that is worthy of the person of the hour, tailor made to their preferences.

Special celebrations – you have a reason to celebrate, we have half a dozen ideas to make it unforgettable.

Reunions – the thrill of reuniting with loved ones is embraced with surroundings that amplify the feeling of belonging that comes with the emotions of reconnecting.

Thematic – immerse into the enchanting culture of Greece with thematic events that showcase local architecture, history, gastronomy, the arts, music & dance, and local traditions.

Company anniversaries – make your company anniversary stand out and set the pace for all the rest.

Awardsaward and distinction ceremonies are aimed at highlighting your company’s unique traits and for contributing to its reputation.

Girls’ escapes – a strictly female matter, embark on a girls escape to fully recharge, rejuvenate and rekindle the balance of the senses.

Boys’ escapes – boys will be boys, and boys need a bit of adventure to get that adrenaline rush going.

Activities – the active ones can try hiking or trekking, off road driving and all sorts of exploring combined with physical activity however, there are less demanding options such as participating in an olive harvest, following wine routes and cultural trails, discovering traditional architecture or even taking some Greek cooking classes.

Off grid celebrations in Greece – Travel off the beaten track, to unexplored regions and immerse into the unprecedented feeling of timelessness among Greece’s most hidden destinations. Consider off the grid celebration ideas, or yachting around undiscovered, even uninhabited islands that will flood your mind with visuals of unsurpassed natural beauty and scenic views of unspoiled territory that will leave you in a permanent state awe. Get to grips with the unseen side of Greece and revel in the sensation of being swept away by immaculate panoramas filled with all the colors and scents of Greece.