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Led by founder Elena Papanicolaou, Fly Me To The Moon designs bespoke travel itineraries that effortlessly introduce travelers to Greece, harnessing the beauty, tradition, culture, and style of the country, while still embracing a truly local authenticity.


About Us

We focus on the evolution of refined travel experiences, and include every detail of trip planning, which translates into inspiring environments and a true, insider’s view for today’s modern traveler whether its an individual, corporate team, wedding party or groups.

Fly Me To The Moon recognized a gap of high-level travel planning to Greece.We’re passionate about Greece, and, most importantly, we listen to you.

During our expansive travels through Greece, we discovered the magic of the landscape, charm of traditional architecture, countless antiquities, scenic rivers, spectacular beaches and islands, delicious cuisines, and friendly local people. Our interest was to go beyond the obvious tourism expectations, and highlight the uniqueness of a location, and share places, activities and experiences through an intuitive insider perspective all while providing comfort and luxury.

Our team has travelled extensively for business and have years of experience hosting business travellers. We understand the frustrations, stress and time management issues particular to this type of travel and we are very aware of how hospitality can enhance business relationships and even bring positive business results.

Allow us to share and offer our experiences, ideas, style and professionalism for your leisure or business trip to Greece, because hospitality, quality, organization, imagination and safety is our goal for everyone of our guests.


Our Services

Whether it’s discovering that off-the-beaten path island known only to locals, or visiting Mykonos like an insider, we arrange activities, experiences and stops for all the must-go places to visit in Greece. We put the entire country at your fingertips making it accessible and attainable.


Imagine yourself with a cocktail poolside at a fabulous villa in Santorini overlooking the Caldera.

  • Greek island cruising on a private yacht in the Mediterranean with snorkeling and scuba diving excursions.
  • Dine at a gourmet restaurant rooftop with a stunning view of the Acropolis.
  • Envision history from 2,500 years ago with a knowledgeable guided tour through an ancient Greek temple of goddess Athena.
  • Enjoy fresh fish in an exceptional but little-known taverna nestled on a beach under the moon or marvel at the fresh produce hand picked that day from a local garden.
  • Transfers by private car and luxury van.
  • Lunch, dinner, drinks and nightlife.
  • Concerts, gallery openings and museum exhibitions.
  • Explore Byzantine monuments in late autumn.
  • Visit intimate specialized museums or listen to concerts in ancient Greek amphitheaters.
  • Walk along old stone paths in little-known ancient villages.
  • Take part in olive harvesting, olive oil making, or visit small Greek wineries.
  • Mingle with locals at traditional Greek festivities, taste local delicacies and even learn how to make them.
  • Go Greek island sailing in the Aegean and lonian seas, under the sun and discover the perfect Greek beach holiday.
  • Visits to design studios and ateliers.
  • Personal shopping.
  • Beauty specialists.
You’ve secured your company to finally visit Athens for their corporate meeting, but will you have time to explore it? We believe that business travel should be stress-free, secure and enjoyable, all while having a true insider experience of the destination you visit. We’ll do it all for you.


  • Book the best and most suitable accommodation and location convenient for your business endeavors.
  • Arrange all transfers to and from the airport, as well as around town for your meetings and even run errands.
  • Propose exceptional restaurants, private clubs, bars and lounges to eat and drink that are appropriate to your business.
  • Transfers by private car and luxury van.
  • Lunch, dinner, drinks and nightlife.
  • Concerts, gallery openings and museum exhibitions.
  • Suggest ideas for recreation from a relaxing spa treatment, exclusive shopping in Greece, or a personalized tour of ancient ruins or an art museum.
  • Plan and arrange meetings, events and conferences with reliability, consistency and professionalism but also with originality and imagination.
  • Visits to design studios and ateliers.
  • Personal shopping.
  • Beauty specialists.
The impossible dinner reservation? The private museum viewing? Which hotel room has the unobstructed view of the Acropolis? We’re the go-to Greek travel experts that will take care of every important detail.


Imagine yourself with a cocktail poolside at a fabulous villa in Santorini overlooking the Caldera.

  • Transfers by private car and luxury van.
  • Lunch, dinner, drinks and nightlife.
  • Concerts, gallery openings and museum exhibitions.
  • Visits to design studios and ateliers.
  • Personal shopping.
  • Beauty specialists.

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From the 8th of December 2014 to the 7th of January 2015, our company did a market reconnaissance visit to Greece in order to assess opportunities to enter the Greek market for our services. We employed the agency Fly Me To The Moon in Athens to arrange the whole of the journey: Domestic travel, accommodation and entertainment...

Jörg Ökonomou, Managing Director - Stat Control GmbH

Everything was superbly organised. A truly personal service with hand-picked hotels, excellent guides and great recommendations. All we had to to was relax and enjoy an area of Greece we would never have discovered without the help of FLY ME TO THE MOON.

Piers Nestler

FLY ME TO THE MOON proved an impeccable host for our business guests who visited Athens in June 2014. From the start, the company took a personal interest in meeting our guests' needs and desires. They put together a very interesting program of visits for them, both in Athens and its vicinity that was original and gracefully executed. All in all, FLY ME TO THE MOON managed to convey the "spirit of Greece" while taking care of the smallest detail. This combination of professionalism and inspiration makes the company unique and valuable to every demanding visitor to Greece.

Dimitris Keridis, The Constantine G. Karamanlis Foundation, Filothei, Athens, Greece

Fly Me To The Moon" was terrific! I enjoyed a personalized tour that allowed for a relaxing, informative visit. Elena was a joy to be around, and she tailored my visit perfectly. I would highly recommend "Fly Me To The Moon" for visitors looking for personalized touring of Greece by someone who really knows Greece!!

Laura Stavridis, 2014 Boston

I visited Athens, Greece on business and I assigned my trip to FMTM. I had nothing to worry about but my business itself! Everything was well planned. The people were kind and hospitable; the choice of hotel, restaurants excellent and the special arrangements like transfers, shopping and site seeing, were imaginative and original.

Patrick Malone, New York

We wanted to see the region of Thessaloniki from a local's point of view. We wanted to learn about all this awesome Byzantine history without losing out on the fun. FMTM prepared an ideal sojourn for us, filled with dinners in excellent local tavernas in the historic center, visits to churches dating from the 5th century and excursions to the seaside of Halkidiki! Absolutely try the Athonos square!

Anika Elen Zimmermann, Austria

Indeed a trip to the moon! We had our dreams realized in this country of wonders. Excellent organization, personalized services and highly knowledgeable and welcoming hosts.

R. Gupta, India

Elena's service was so far above and beyond anything we could have hoped for - we felt so taken care of, she was so accessible at any time of day or night and so conscientious, called to double check on us at every location and activity to ensure smooth sailing and that we had everything we needed. we are so thankful and feel so lucky to have met her and ABSOLUTELY we will be booking many future trips with her as will our family and friends!!!!!!

Amy Bloomgarden, June 2015

Elena Papanicolaou and her company, Fly Me To The Moon Travel are by far the most knowledgeable and professional team I have ever used when planning a trip. Elena is an expert at luxurious yet educational experiences and has an eye for creating excursions that are absolutely unforgettable. It is clear that the team at Fly Me To The Moon Travel has experienced everything they suggest, fine dining, sailing excursions, wine tours, beaches, boutiques, hotels and more- they have really done all the research so that each trip is special in its own way and not at all “touristy”. Anytime I can use Elena and her team to plan a trip for my family, I will.

Sara Andreasson, July 2015

Elena came to my rescue when I needed to do some major last minute changes to our summer travels. She figured out the best way to get us from and to some remote locations but most of all quickly understood that the trip we planned wasn’t right for us and helped us dramatically re-configure ALL of the trip. What we ended up with was much more our style, much more real and full of wonderful people, food and places. She understood what we wanted and needed from our trip and had ideas at her fingertips that were perfect solutions.

Elena has a big heart, a sense of humor and the insight to understand the needs of her clients. Combine that with her encyclopedic knowledge of Greece and you have a not just a travel planner and concierge but a friend who’s there for you when you need help. We couldn’t be happier with our experience and look forward to exploring more of what Greece has to offer.

Aron Warner, August 2015

Dear Elena Thank you for organizing a splendid vacation.All to perfection , a really problem free time.The villa was good the chef excellent the place mythical. Two weeks in Crete worthwhile remembering. Thank you very much..

T.G. August 2016

It has been a pleasure planning this trip with you Elena and the rest of your staff. We truly enjoyed your beautiful country and I would be happy to refer friends and family should they ever decide to visit Greece. Thank you for everything!.

Beth Barredo, May 2016

Elena Thank you so much. We loved our trip to Greece!.

Panchbhaya family, June 2016

So this beautiful week is finished. It has been a pleasant experience to go in Greece for the first time. (with you) Everything was perfectly organised. Thank you Elena!.

Clisthen & Sophie, May 2017

In few words - next time in Greece - first phone call to u (:.

Miki K. September 2017

I appreciate the extra care and the fully understanding of our desires

Anat Y. September 2017

I can highly recommend the services of Fly me to the Moon Travel. The service was impeccable in all steps, planning-booking and execution. My kids and I had an amazing sailing experience in the Cyclades. The boat was in great condition (as presented to me), the crew were focused on safety and hospitality. I have recommended my friends to use the services of Fly me to the Moon, there is no need to shop around!

M. Horal June, 2018

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Elena Papanicolaou


CEO, Fly Me To The Moon

 Born in Athens from multicultural expat Greek parents from Alexandria, Egypt, Elena Papanicolaou embraces the culture and tradition of her beloved home country, focusing on the evolution of refined travel experiences. She founded Fly Me To The Moon in early 2014. A passionate globetrotter with an eye for style, culture and refined authenticities, Elena aims to provide inspiring environments and a true, insider’s view for today’s modern traveler. After a very intensive corporate career in consumer electronics, retail, shipping, and financial consulting, Elena spent the past 15 years as managing director of a company focusing on chemical plastics sector. This position entitled her to extensive global travel, where she gleaned a plethora of information on the needs of busy, demanding executives, as she herself was an extremely demanding traveler, always searching for authenticity, quality and style throughout her business travels. It was time for Elena to make a change. Her vision now is to introduce business and leisure travelers to Greece; to harness the beauty, tradition, culture, and style while still embracing a truly local authenticity. She has traveled the country from north to south and everywhere in between, always ahead of the trend in accommodations, gastronomy, along with a keen eye for history and customs. Elena studied economics at the University College London (University of London) and received an MSc in Information Science from City University. She currently resides in Athens.